I’m Into Nuggets Y’all

Rumors are abound that McDonalds may be pulling out as a Disneyland sponsor. McDonald’s currently operate 2 fry carts over in Frontierland & New Orleans Sqaure, & the Burger Invasion restaurant over in Paradise Pier. Each restaurant sells a limited McDonalds menu, so I think it’s safe to say that they wont be missed.

Another company ready to butt out of a sponsorship deal is Carnation. Carnation has been involved with Disney pretty much since the opening of Disneyland. Back in 1984, Nestle acquired Carnation, & it’s become one of their lesser known brands. As Al Lutz of MiceAge explains it…

… Nestle’ contract as a whole is on the rocks, after meeting up with legal headaches regarding some of the beverages it sells that compete directly with Coca-Cola’s expanding reach into coffee and beverages besides soft drinks. As it stands now, Coca-Cola wants to have a sponsorship presence at Disneyland and other Disney parks more desperately than Nestle’ does, and as push comes to shove with the lawyers it looks like it is Nestle’ and its family of different brands who will likely leave the park.

Just so long as Coca-Cola makes it financially lucrative, Disneyland may even be removing decades old signage around the park like that found at Carnation Plaza Gardens, the sight of a long gone snack bar that served up its last milkshake a decade ago.

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