It’s a Character World After All

We’re hearing of a couple of BIG RUMORS of what could be coming to It’s a Small World. Don’t let these upset you, as they are still rumors.

Over in Hong Kong Disneyland, they’re currently building their version of It’s a Small World, which is scheduled to open this Summer. What will be unique about their version is that it will actually feature Disney characters in their home countries. Imagineers are looking at duplicating this over to Disneyland’s version. I know for a fact that this will upset many Disneyland fans (myself included), & Disneyland is definitely not the place to do it (WDW is).

A (hopefully) less controversial change that may be coming is the replacement of the Jungle room with an American themed room, similar (yet on a grander scale) to the version in Disneyland Paris. In my opinion, a good idea for 2 reasons, 1) the room is a bit plain & boring right now, & 2) they’ll finally be able to do something with that room for It’s a Small World Holiday.

Also, some better decorations will definitely be coming to the Hello & Goodbye rooms.

Information from the MiceAge Al Lutz column “Monorail Blew”