PIXAR Play Parade: The Magic Revealed!

A Parade Support friend of mine told me some information regarding the new PIXAR Play Parade, debuting March 14th at 5:15pm.

The parade has 9 main units and smaller themed parade elements. With the units and parade elements, there is a total of about 18 elements in the parade. These are listed as follows (not in any specific order):

Main Units:

  • Bugs Life
  • Toy Story (2 units, Buzz and a main unit)
  • Finding Nemo
  • Incredibles (Gyromonster from the movie)
  • Cars (Lightning McQueen and Mater)
  • Ratatoullie (large sink with dishes)
  • Monsters Inc (Opening Drum Unit)

Smaller Elements:

  • 5 Hover craft things for Toy Story
  • An Alien push cart for Toy Story (2 AA aliens and a costumed Alien)
  • Roz (pushed like the Cones from Block Party Bash)
  • Blow Fish Bike
  • Toy looking puppet for Toy Story