2008 Shareholder Meeting News and Notes

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Here are some notable happenings and quotes straight out of the 2008 Annual Meeting of Walt Disney Company Shareholders:

-An exclusive trailer from the upcoming theatrical release from Disney and Pixar, Wall-E, was aired only for those shareholders present for the meeting.

-The Disney company recently purchased rights to a book titled “Peter and the Star Catchers”, a prequel to the story of Peter Pan. When asked if a movie adaptation was in the works, Bob Iger said the company was actively looking into doing so.

-When asked about the possibility of a fourth Pirates film, the company has nothing to say at the moment.

-When questioned as to if the Walt Disney classic animated feature “Song of the South” would ever be released for home entertainment, Iger said there are no plans at the moment to do so.

-A particular shareholder asked if Disney would ever introduce an annual pass that would be valid at all the Disney Parks around the globe, Mr. Iger seemed to be interested in the idea.

-There are currently plans to bring older Disney archived footage (such as the Wonderful World of Color and the Disneyland program) to Disney.com in the near future.

-Disney is actively looking for new locations to place international parks and location based entertainment worldwide, nothing new on this front to report……yet.

-When asked about Disney fan podcasts out there, such as Inside the Magic or WDW News Today *cough*, Bob Iger said he looks to reach out to the Disney fan community as a whole in ways never seen before (WDWCelebrations? *cough, cough*). Bob Iger also went on to say he deeply appreciates all the devoted Disney fans out there. Yay for us!!!

-Bob Iger acknowledged that they are indeed creating a Rapunzel animated feature for a future theatrical release.

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