Adding a Note of Character

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An interesting, yet blasphemous rumor that’s popping up now is the additon of music from Disney movies to It’s a Small World at Disneyland (for example, Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride playing when you go past Lilo & Stitch). This is most likely going to happen in the new Hong Kong Disneyland version of It’s a Small World, but seeing as we may be getting Disney characters too, this might also be likely for us:

In addition to the four new languages, the team is making this it’s a small world unique by working with master music arranger George Wilkins to add a series of arrangements from classic Disney animated films that will play as “counterpoints” to the new character overlays. For example, as guests pass through the North America scene and see the doll dressed as Pocahontas, they’ll hear a subtle suggestion of “Colors of the Wind.”

“Because ‘small world’ is such a simple song, we couldn’t take some of these grand arrangements and put them on top of it,” said John. “We’re being very sensitive to the existing song because [it’s] so good and so universally loved.”