Even More Toy Story Mania Details

In case you have missed any of our reports, here are all the aspects we have been able to confirm of the upcoming Toy Story Mania attraction:

-The attraction will open in late May at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and in late June at Disney’s California Adventure.

-The story of the attraction is that Andy has purchased a new Midway Games play-set and is now out of the house with his mom at Pizza Planet. While Andy is gone, all of your Toy Story pals have invited you to be shrunken to their size and play the games along with them.

-The interactive Mr. Potato Head Barker will stand at the entrance, urging guests to come in and play all of the games. The figure will be interactive with guests and is the latest figure to be part of the “Living Character Initiative”. He will even be able to remove various body parts at moments, something never before done by an audio animatronics figure.

-Each “Toy Story Tram” seats eight people and each individual row features two “Spring Action Shooters”. Each row will also feature an on-board LCD screen that will give players scores for each round, a cumulative score, and even a score for accuracy.

-The “Spring Action Shooters” come in 4 different colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. The importance of this is that all of the items you fire from your shooter will be of a corresponding color to the color of your shooter.

-The very first scene in the attraction will be the practice booth, where you will be introduced to how your “spring action shooter” works. This is a change from the original plan that had guests practicing as they were in the queue for the attraction.

-The first game you will play is Ham ‘N’ Eggs and is hosted by Hamm and Rex. In this game, guests will shoot eggs at knock-down targets in a barnyard setting.

-The second game is Bo Peep’s Baaaaa-Looza. This game has guests shooting darts at balloons. If you hit an air or water balloon in the game, you will be hit with an actual gust of air or burst of water.

-The next game has you joining the Green Army Men for a game that has guests throwing baseballs at plates. Hmmm, might be setting a bad example for kids here.

-After that, you move on to a Space Ring Toss game with Buzz Lightyear and the Little Green Men. Disney is already warning that this will be the most difficult game in the attraction.

-In the final scene of Toy Story Mania, guests join Woody, Jesse, Bullseye, and the Prospector for “Woody’s Round-Up”. In this game, guests will fire rubber-tipped darts at targets and then be led into a lightning round where you will have to fire as much as you can, as quickly as you can in a last effort to improve your score.

-After the final game scene, you come into a room where all the Toy Story pals review your score. Be sure to remember it, because it will disappear before the last show scene. Based on your score, you will be able to pick out a “virtual plush critter” as your prize. In the very last scene, you will see your score compared to everyone who has ever played Toy Story Mania, or your all-time rank for the hour, day, week, month, and all-time.

Be sure to stay tuned to WDW News Today for more coverage of Toy Story Mania as we come closer to the attraction’s opening to guests.

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