News & Rumors in Disneyland Park

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Here’s a few pieces of news & rumors from the latest Monday in the Parks article on MiceAge:

  • Disney recently raised the height requirement for the front seat in Splash Mountain from 40″ to 60″. This was due to, during the drops, kids putting their heads down under the seat, & then bumping their head when reaching the bottom of the drops. Well, they’re going to be installing a new safety feature by the beginning of June, which should lower the height requirement back down to 40″.
  • Due to all of the things that Disney want to do in It’s a Small World, they’re seriously considering pushing the opening from November to January. That means that they won’t have to worry about then re-installing the holiday overlay, & can just have everything ready for January. Please do note though, that this is only a rumor.
  • Even though it looked like the re-opening of Carnation Cafe from it’s short refurbishment was pushed back, it has now re-opened with a brand new brick-looking concrete pattern.