Rivers of Light Drowned by Beastly Kingdom?

Our good friend Jim Hill over at Jim Hill Media is reporting another amazing group of rumors today, both concerning the future of the soon to be decade old Animal Kingdom park.


First off, Jim extinguishes the idea of the night-time river parade called “Rivers of Light” coming to the park, seeing as park management refused to make the changes necessary to support the crowds that would have lined the coasts of Animal Kingdom for the park’s “kiss goodnight”.

After that, Jim dives into the rumors that a new and improved concept of Beastly Kingdom may finally arrive with tons of Disney characters in tow. This rumor is interesting since last I heard, plans were in place to bring mythical creatures from “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” into the mix. It appears that the idea to bring those monsters in may have been duped for the addition of the “Disney Dragons” (ex. Elliot, Maleficent, Queen Narissa) and such.

The JHM article also features a mention of “A Wild Decade“, a WDWCelebrations event being held next month to celebrate Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 10th anniversary. This event is going to be very special for us, as WDW News Today will be part of the spectacular happenings on April 22, 2008. To check out the rest of this Jim Hill article, go HERE. Be sure tom stay tuned to WDW News Today as more information on these rumors become available.

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