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Our good friends over at MiceChat are organizing a petition of sorts to save the Rainforest room in It’s a Small World. We reported last week that Disney are looking at replacing the Rainforest room with an American themed room (for full details, click here). We here at DL News Today strongly support this petition, & hope that you do too!

Here’s what the Re-Imagineering blog thinks of this new development:

The insertion of Disney characters into this classic E-ticket is troubling enough. “It’s a Small World” may be a color and design masterpiece but more importantly the show’s simple message of shared humanity using children of the world and their innate innocence as the metaphor makes it a cultural touchstone and a casebook example of uncluttered visual storytelling. Cute as they may be, Belle, Mickey, Stitch or Nemo have nothing to do with selling the core values of UNICEF, the show’s original partner. Their appearance not only trivializes the central theme but more disturbingly seems to emphasize global brand marketing and franchising above all else.

And when the rainforest goes, it goes for good, replaced with a group of sets never intended for American audiences from the show’s very inception. In consciously excluding a large scale U.S.A.-land from It’s a Small World (a lone cowboy and indian in the finale was just enough), the original show writers were asking American audiences to step away from their own national consciousness and take stock in the wider world around them. It’s a Small World was never about nationalistic fervor. It was about finding our common humanity outside our own borders.

And here’s what Master Gracey of MiceChat has to say about that, & what he wants YOU to do:

Re-Imagineering closes the article with a call to action.

So what to do? Do you treasure this iconic classic as it is? Do you value the integrity and artistic vision of the Disney Legends who created Disneyland?

It’s time to write. It’s time to take a stand. We’ve already seen Jack Sparrow take over the Frontier. We’ve seen Walt Disney’s name exploited in favor of closing a unique-to-Disneyland attraction in for an over-glorified hotel room. We’ve seen the World of Tomorrow sit in the past for a decade.

As those at Re-Imagineering said: Disneyland is your land. Don’t let this happen.


Disneyland Resort Public Relations: (714) 781-4500

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Walt Disney Imagineering
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E – M A I L
Disneyland Resort

Write to Disney. Call them. Make t-shirts and wear them to the parks. If you see an Imagineer or a suit in the park, talk to them. Show your support online by using one of the images used in this thread. Make it known that the classics should be taken care of, not re-invented.

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“It’s a Small World is a work of art. Those fortunate enough to be the caretakers of a masterpiece are more than welcome to try on a new frame once in a while, to carefully restore its surface, switch out the lighting or even move the piece to another room.

But even the most fool-hardy owner knows not to paint over the original canvas.

Disneyland is your land. Don’t let this happen.”