Blair Family Memories

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We would like to speak from our point of view as Mary Blair’s nieces.

We have been impressed and deeply touched by the eloquence and outpouring from the hearts of so many people who want to keep ‘Small World’ as it is. And now the Artists! Amazing. A HUGE thanks to all of you!

Our thoughts are the same. PLEASE keep the integrity of Small World–the children of all nations and its message of world peace. It is a completely unique experience, in and of itself. Our intention is not a ‘put down’ to the imagineers, who have made Disneyland a fabulous, magical place for children and adults—something for everyone. ‘Small World’ however, doesn’t need fixing. It isn’t broken. Bring back it’s original color and sparkle. Mary loved ‘sparkle’. She also loved children.

We have enjoyed the ‘special memories’ that many have written about Small World. We have one also. In 1978, several months before Mary died, my sister Maggie and I, along with my family, began planning a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for our parents. Maggie and I met with Mary at a favorite restaurant of Mary’s near her home in Soquel, California to discuss the plans. She introduced us to the hostess saying, ‘these are my two nieces, whom I adore’. We adored her as well.

As part of the party plans, Lee put together a slide show, and we taped our parent’s favorite ‘old’ songs, putting the music from ‘It’s A Small World’ in several places. We did that to honor Mary, but also to make the party more fun. (And no, it didn’t make us crazy.)

When the party was over and most guests had gone, Maggie and I were doing ‘cleanup chores’. We looked up in time to see Mary, a lone figure in the middle of the dance floor. She had a gentle smile on her face, eyes closed, and was turning slowly around and around to the music from ‘It’s a Small World’. Two weeks later she was gone.

Again, our family appreciates very much your kind words and heartfelt feelings.

Our Best,
Jeanne Chamberlain & Maggie Richardson