Grad Nite 2008 Trip Report (April 26th, 2008)

Exclusive to WDW News Today, here is my trip report for April 26th, 2008 for Grad Nite 2008:

So we arrived at the Kingdom around 9:30PM, after a huge security check point, we entered through the back of Tomorrowland thru the theater and we went straight to eat at Cosmic Ray’s, I ate under 5 minutes flat, lol. Soon after that we went around to see what was happening, huge parties at Tomorrowland, Adventureland, and in front of Cinderella’s castle. We then went on the Tomorrowland Speedway, lines where not that long at all. After that we went straight to Space Mountain which had a 90 minute wait, the longest in the park. This was no ordinary Space Mountain, it was Rockin’ Space Mountain, though the only difference was loud music in the queue and strobe lights through the ride. Soon after that we went to Frontierland, but without a stop in Fantasyland to ride Small World, Peter Pan, PhilharMagic, Snow White, and Mad Tea Party. Once done, it was about 11:00 and we went to BTMRR, which was kickin’. Soon after we went back to Tomorrowland to ride the Astroblasters and soon after we went to the main stage in front of Cinderella Castle to check out the Midnight fireworks show, “Graduation Celebration”. AMAZING! Once after that show, we went to Monster’s Inc. Once after we went to PoTC, grab a free coke, after that we went on the Haunted Mansion or should I say, The Rockin’ Mansion Wink. It was LOUD with people, music, and lights. Soon after it was time for Splash Mountain, it was a walk on with all the platforms running, I hadn’t sat down and the boat was already moving, lol. We then met up with some more friends and we went on PoTC and then Splash again Wink. Well, by this time it was already 3am and we needed to start heading out of the park, we went shopping on Main Street, boughta couple of things, and then to the monorail to go to the T&TC. We went back to our buses and even though we were suppose to head out at 4am, we didn’t leave until 6 because one of the 10 buses we had broke down -.-. Anyways, so it was just sleeping on the way back, I must admit that it was a BLAST. I will be back to Disney in May for my birthday Wink. Below is the fireworks show (quality sucks because it was a digital camera), a scan of the special park maps they gave us, and some other photos. Thanks!

“Graduation Celebration” Fireworks Grad Nite 2008:

Grad Nite 2008 (April 26th, 2008) Photos:

Grad Nite 2008 Park Maps:

I hope you enjoyed the report. See ya next time!

-Jose Castillo