No More Sleeping

You know that 50th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty exhibit that was supposed to of gone into Disney Animation in DCA? Well, it looks like it wont be happening now, according to David Koenig:

“The Snow White exhibit in the lobby of DCA’s animation building is scheduled to vanish April 27, but don’t expect a replacement until the fall—if ever. The hope was that the 120-piece exhibit of rare animation art would increase attendance at the facility. Instead, according to one source, attendance actually dropped. The animation building’s biggest draw, you see, has never been its interactive displays, but rather its expansive, air-conditioned lobby. “Guests missed the open space, plush seats, and the collage of scenes projected on the multitude of screens,” the source said.

She said that Snow White’s disappointing reception jeopardizes the exhibit originally planned to replace it—a 50th anniversary tribute to Sleeping Beauty. The insider explained, “The costs of framing the artwork, reinstalling the security systems, and the extra cast members to patrol it might prevent it from happening.”