Parade News From Around the World

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DLRP Today has news on the fate of some of Disney’s parades. While this isn’t entirely Disneyland related news, I still thought I’d mention it.

Disney’s Stars & Motor Cars Parade recently finished performances at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, & has been replaced by DCA’s old parade, Block Party Bash. Disney’s Cinema Parade also finished performances at Walt Disney Studios Paris a couple of weeks ago. It looks like Stars & Motor Cars will replace the Cinema Parade in Paris. And then looking even further into the future, the plan is to have the Pixar Play Parade go to Paris & replace Stars & Motor Cars, instead of it going to Florida to replace Block Party Bash. There’s currently no word on what might happen to Block Party Bash though.

Of course, it is still just a rumor. Stay tuned to Disneyland News Today (and DLRP Today in turn) as more information becomes available!