The Road to No-Where!

Our first article dealing with the New Tomorrowland of 1998 is going to be about the Rocket Rods. This article is going to be a pictorial article, as Yesterland already has a wonderful article up dealing with the attraction.

Now, let’s get to it:

The entrance to the Rocket Rods

The other side of the entrance didn’t receive the logo due to budget issues… Big surprise!

The queue featured a re-painted, neon version of the Mark III Monorail…

… As well as a neon PeopleMover vehicle

The loading & blast off area, as well as the Observatron

The attraction vehicle… Very weird in my opinion!

The only vehicle that had neon features added to it

The Rocket Rods closed in April 2001

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters replaced at the Rocket Rods queue building in 2005… The track is empty

Tomorrow, a look at the American Space Experience!

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