Tomorrowland Mess-Up

The final article dealing with the New Tomorrowland of 1998 is going to be an overview of all the changes made, not involving an entirely new attraction or exhibit. This one’s going to be quite big, so let’s get straight to it:

A look at the 1998 Tomorrowland sign (the Disneyland logo has since been removed)

The out-of-place, yet beautiful Astro Orbitor

Walt Disney’s Dedication of Tomorrowland

Star Tours received new decorations on its sign…

… And exterior. But that’s about it for Star Tours

All the Star Trader got was a gold trim

The Starcade remained pretty much the same (the upper floor has since been walled off to guest use)

The 1998 Tomorrowland Terrace Stage

In 2000, it was changed to Club Buzz, & then returned to the original Tomorrowland Terrace design in 2006

Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port replaced Mission to Mars (in the right-hand corner, you can see the 98 Space Mountain sign)

A look inside the restaurant

A new version of the Moonliner adorns the entrance to Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port

Cosmic Waves, the run-around water playground…

The spraying water was removed due to the seats in Honey, I Shrunk the Audience getting slightly damaged after wet visitors coming in

Space Mountain got a rather ugly new color scheme

The Autopia got a temporary new sign, before it was completely re-done into the version we have today in 2000

The Tomorrowland Train Station also got a new design

I truly hope you enjoyed the past week’s series on the New Tomorrowland of 1998. We’ll definitely be doing something like this again the next time a big anniversary comes around!