John Corigliano WDW Photo Update 6/1/08

Hi everybody, John Corigliano here to provide you with some photo updates of my wild weekend at the Walt Disney World Resort, visiting both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Spaceship Earth's wait time was for 20min today

Spaceship Earth’s wait time for 20 minutes today. Does that look like 20 minutes?

They've added this sign to tell guests how to trade and also a screen that will soon tell guests how much pins are just by scanning the UPC bar code.

They’ve added this sign to Pin Central at Epcot to tell guests how to trade pins. They’ve also a screen that will soon tell guests how much pins are just by scanning the UPC bar code.

Here's the new Price Pin Guide that's being implemented at the EPCOT's Pin Central.  Each color is a different price.

Here’s the new Price Pin Guide that’s being implemented at the Epcot’s Pin Central. Each color is represents a different price.

Here’s what the UPC Bar Codes on the back of the pins look like. This pin has a blue sticker denoting that the price is $8.95.

Here’s another example. The price here is $6.95.

Rumors were circulating that Nestle had their signs removed at The Land, for the time being that is totally and completely FASLE. Here’s the proof.

The only thing that’s gone is the Jr. Chef station.

Here’s the “NEW” EPCOT Center shirt that’s been released around Epcot shops.

The only difference is that there’s a 25th Anniversary logo on inside where the tag would be.

Here’s some of Father’s Day merchandise being sold around Walt Disney World.

Here’s a billboard for Toy Story Mania! that’s just down the street near my home.

Now we move over to the actual attraction and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

TSMM had a 90 minute wait on opening day (May 31). Sadly, I one got on the ride once since the ride had technical difficulties after I got off it.

Here was my one and only score. Not as good as Tom Corless who actually holds the all-time high score at the moment.

Here’s the newly unveiled directional sign showing where Toy Story Midway Mania is.

Here’s the only reference to the Disney-MGM Studios that I could find in the entire park. I miss you MGM.

More Disney’s Hollywood Studios merchandise continues to come in.

Already, Imagineering has a Toy Story Midway Mania wait time sign pin. Tom wants this pin so bad.

Progress on enclosing the old Hunchback Theater is almost done.

As you can see from looking over the wall.

Nothing really new over at the old ABC Theater, future home of the American Idol Experience.

Does it seem like something is missing?

Anyone know the answers?

Here’s the new DHS watch design by Jason Zucker, only 50 of them available.

One of Jason’s amazing drawings for Star Wars Weekends.

Here’s one of Jason’s unreleased Star Wars Weekends artwork designs featuring Donald Duck.

Here, again you can see the new Playhouse Disney sign at the entrance.

A lot of progress as gone on over at the DVC Tower.

I finally got to eat here for the first time….on the last day in operation. Too bad I can’t come back for seconds.

So, as we end this WDW Update, we say good-bye to the Concourse Steakhouse.