DLR Pictorial – Part 2: 6/24-6/26

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Now here’s the second part of my pictorial, covering Tuesday the 24th, through Thursday the 26th:

Here are a few more shots of the Innoventions Dream Home

Plaza Pavilion behind tarps

Now let’s take a look at the Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries!

Here’s the pointless photo spot

The new, awesome, Secret of the Stone Tiger show in the Oasis

The theater for the show itself looks awesome (first time I’d been in the Oasis)

After the show, Indy battles a bad guy through-out Adventureland

Moving outside of Disneyland for a brief moment… The Anaheim GardenWalk is now somewhat open. Once it’s fully open, we’ll bring you coverage of this new mall that could affect the future of the Disneyland Resort!

Now going back over to Toy Story Midway Mania… Take a look at the difference in theming here! TSMM’s amazing theming makes Paradise Pier look even worse now!

Here’s a few more of the posters from in the TSMM queue

My score on my second ride (85,900 in case it’s too blurry to see)

I loved this shirt so much, that I bought it!

A couple of the posters from the queue are available for $35 each

This poster is behind the cash register in Midway Mercantile

The walls are down from the Grizzly River Run waterwheel, but the tarps are still up

Here’s another look at the new seating for Award Wieners

Apparently they were filming parts of the Pixar Play Parade

Later in the day (Wednesday) they were filming Mr. Potato Head

Midway Mania sure does look beautiful at night!

Moving on to my last day… When I entered Mickey & Friends, I was given an Adventure Roadmap!

The Roadmap gives you 8 extremely easy questions

The new billboards advertising Toy Story “Midway” Mania at the Mickey & Friends Tram Station

Green Army Men in the Esplanade letting guests know that TSMM is in DCA, not Disneyland

Wall-E & Eve from the movie Wall-E are available to purchase

The Haunted Mansion was closed all day yesterday for some reason

My score on my 3rd ride (I’m on the right, my father beat me!)

Another example of how great TSMM’s theming is compared to the rest of the Pier

For some reason, they’ve been sold out on the Mickey Mouse Pretzels for quite a while now

Bust Baby!

That’s going to do it for this DLR Pictorial. Stay tuned to the Image Galleries for more & bigger versions of these pictures (some are already up)!