MintCrocodile’s Midway Mania Update

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I’d like to welcome MintCrocodile to Disneyland News Today as our new Official Photographer. Whenever I’m not at Disneyland to cover the latest happenings, I’m sure Mint will be!

His first update for us shows a little bit more of Toy Story Midway Mania:

As previously reported, the attraction is now out from behind walls, & is open to Cast Members only

A lovely detailed (but walled-off) area on the exit balcony of the attraction

A close up of the miniature Midway Games play-set (the entrance to the actual ride itself, in full size of course)

And Mr. Potato Head came in this box

Some lovely merchandise featuring this graphic is available in the Midway Mercantile

While the queue might look a little plain in comparison to the WDW version, it still is amazingly detailed!

These posters are in the queue for the attraction

They advertise each of the separate games in the ride

This isn’t a game, but rather a clever hinting at surprise points you can score on the ride

The following couple of posters show other hints at game-play

Mint had a chance to the to ride the attraction…

… And he got the top score of the day!

For more pictures of Toy Story Midway Mania, check out MintCrocodile’s SmugMug page!