The Adventures of SparkyLD

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I just got back for a lovely trip to DLR this past week. During my visit I noticed a few things that were worth mentioning.

Sunday I saw Fantasmic. At first everything was going ok, but then when Mickey’s fountain went to turn on (the center one) nothing happened. Then about 20 sec later they got it working. Then during the princess section, only Ariel and Belle’s show barges were out. Ariel’s LEDs on the side stayed colorized the entire time, and Belle’s weren’t even on. Then the lights around the surface of the barge went out leaving them in the dark. Thankfully for the skilled Followspot ops on Tower B and C caught them and lit them up. Then at the end of the show 2 pyro shots didn’t go off. I didn’t see the second show so I don’t know how that one went.

Then one day I was riding Snow White’s Scary Adventure. Noticed two things. First being the holder for the apple on the book-stand is completely gone. All thats there is a large silver bolt head. Then inside the old hag figure on the boat holding the apple had no apple again. The Disneyland Resort has a saying, “twice a day”. They will replace the apple twice a day, after that they just give up.

Then I was riding Pinnochio’s Daring Journey, and noticed that the peppers ghost Blue Fairy wasn’t working. Then I noticed that the entire figure behind the wall was completely gone.

Then I got evaced on Winnie the Pooh. Got stopped in the scene with Owl on the rocking chair. It was even scarier with the lights on. Here is a pic I took on my cell phone (sorry for the quality) of the lights on inside.

Thats all I have from my trip. I hope to travel back soon. So stay tuned for more!!!