The Toys Have Arrived!!

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Well everyone the walls are down and Toy Story Midway Mania is unveiled in all its glory. Thanks to MouseTimes, we have some pictures for you showing the facade, parts of the loading area, Mr Potato Head, and inside the exit balcony.

Without further ado we have for you pictures of Toy Story Midway Mania:

Here we have the new entrance into the attraction. (Notice the Imagineer in the gray shirt)

Cast TV was on hand to cover the first CM preview on the new attraction.

Here we can see where you pick up your 3-D Glasses.

This is a sign for the Cast Member only area.

Here we have a sign for one of the games in the queue.

Here we have the loading area for the attraction.

Here we have the unload/handicapped loading area.

Load Console and some theming on the back wall.

Potato Head doing his famous ear removal.

Now in this next section, I have a little explaining to do. This next pic is from the exit balcony in the Midway Mercantile. On this balcony is a little office area with some nit-knacks and something surprising on the floor.

(Photo Courtesy of caliscreamin)

Wells thats it folks. More pictures of the unveiled attraction are up in the latest DLR Pictorial on MouseTimes! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!