BREAKING NEWS: All Disneyland Rides Evacuated

Southern California is currently experiencing a relatively major Earthquake, 5.8 on the richter scale. According to the Eyewitness News program on abc7, Disneyland have taken a precautionary measure, & have evacuated all rides, as well as the hotels. I presume the stores & restaurants also have been evacuated. All guests are waiting around outside at the current moment.

abc7’s website has the following:

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit late Tuesday morning two miles southwest of Chino Hills in San Bernardino County.

The jolt was felt from Los Angeles to San Diego, and slightly in Las Vegas. It caused buildings to sway and triggered some precautionary evacuations. Ten aftershocks occurred in the next dozen minutes, including three estimated at 3.8.

No damage or injuries have been reported as a result of the earthquake.

The quake struck at 11:42 a.m. PDT. Buildings swayed in downtown Los Angeles and San Diego for several seconds.

Stay tuned to Disneyland News Today to find out when the rides will be re-opened, & various other updates we get on this Earthquake & it’s effects on Disneyland.

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