DCA Expansion Rumors

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Here’s a couple of rumors on the DCA expansion from Screamscape:

2011 – Walt Disney Plaza – Confirmed – (7/8/08) We’ve heard a bit more about the Walt Disney Plaza area, confirming that the Carthay Theater building will simply be an empty shell for the time being. However we have heard that the upstairs section may be used as another exclusive Club 33 style VIP Room. It was also mentioned that there may be some kind of Disneyland fireworks viewing area from here as well. We’ve also got a little more information about Hollywood Land, the new name likely to be used for the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. When the renovations are complete this area of the park is supposed to hold the majority of the track for the new Red Car Line trolley system, running guests from here to the new main gate area. The cars are said to hold only about 20 people each.

2012 – Cars Land – (7/8/08) We’ve got some new rumored details about the whole Cars Land area of the park, though keep in mind that as the last of the big projects set to go in, lots of changes can still be made before it opens. From what info is being leaked right now, there is a plan to make Flo’s V8 Café a functional quick service restaurant for the land and Fillmore’s Organic Fuels will likely end up being a drink and smoothie stand. While not much else has come to the front about the main Radiator Springs Racers ride, we did hear that Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree may be themed to fit the whole tractor tipping theme, so I’ve got to wonder if Frank will be involved somehow. I’m also not certain exactly what kind of ride this will be as some believe it will be another spinning flat ride while others thing it could be some kind of custom track ride.

2009/2010 – Goofy’s Sky School – In Development – (7/7/08) According to another source Disney will use the Goofy’s Sky School name and not “Flite School” as we had heard last week.