Sting or Swing? Drive or Fly?

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Screamscape has some details on the re-do’s of both Mullholand Madness & Orange Stinger:

2009/2010 – Silly Symphony Swings – In Development – (7/4/08) We’ve got a little more information to share today about the new Silly Symphony Swings restoration plans. According to our sources the remodeled attraction will have a Band Conductor Mickey on top of the tower who will move around to the music. The top will be remodeled to be more like a carousel to allow for the placement of scenes from the Silly Symphonies on the inside of each section.

2009/2010 – Goofy’s Flite School – In Development – (7/4/08) We’ve heard that plans for Goofy’s Flite School are moving forward, and yes that is the correct spelling. From the sound of things it may take on a similar look to Goofy’s Barnstormer in Florida as it will now look like an old giant barn has been converted by Goofy into a make-shift airplane hanger… while apparently leaving all the old chicken coops intact.