Mega DLR Update

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David “Darkbeer” Michael visited the Disneyland Resort today, & saw some of the effects of the earthquake, as well as attending a lot of different events & exhibits in Downtown Disney (of which I don’t have a clue what any of them are, but I have my duty to report them!). Let’s dive on in this mega update:

The Disneyland Monorail was closed due to the earthquake

This Anaheim Ducks exhibit of sorts seems to of replaced the very similar High School Musical: Get in the Picture “exhibit”

The “ducks” are still alive?

Think this is something to do with the earthquake?

A signing of some kind… Maybe it wasn’t to do with the earthquake?

Then inside the ESPN Zone, there was something to do with the Anaheim Arsenal (which I’m guessing is a sports team of some kind)

Some kind of presentation in the ESPN Zone, which judging by the background of the picture, has to do with the NBA

Finally going inside the parks to see the effects of the earthquake… Here we see the Abandoned Tiki Room

And a rare site… NO LINE FOR INDY!

By this point, I’m guessing Pirates of the Caribbean had re-opened, unless everyone stayed in the line

Most attractions had re-opened, but apparently Indy was closed all day!

New Century Timepieces is a thing of the past, as previously reported, Fortuosity Shoppe will open up in that space this October

Toy Story Midway Mania re-opened by 12:30PM along with most of DCA… Seems Mr. Potato Head grew back his ear!

Finally, the Maliboomer was closed all day, as it can’t test when the park is open for some reason

Due credit goes to Mr. Darkbeer & his lovely SmugMug page! Be sure to check out his gallery from today, at this link.