New & Old Friends Are Here!

Today’s been a great day for additions to the site & podcast. Not only has the Image Gallery finally returned, but we’re also introducing Enhanced podcasts to the Disneyland News Today podcast!

An enhanced podcast is a podcast with added features that standard podcasts do not have. Enhanced podcasts include many features like Chapter listings, that lets you skip through chapters or see what is in store for this weeks show. Enhanced podcasts also have images to let you differ the chapters by. Enhanced podcasts have one negative feature, you can not play them on most mp3 players. The file format for Enhanced shows is .m4a which can play on an Apple iPod or a Microsoft Zune.

Episode 23 is the first episode to feature the Enhanced option. We do have everything ready, but as this is a new feature, problems are to be expected. We’ll hopefully have all of the kinks worked out for you tomorrow, so you’ll be able to download the Enhanced show. In the meantime, you can download the normal mp3 version of the show at this link.

Also be sure to check out the newly “re-opened” Image Gallery, with the newly added full size versions of my pictures from my July 13th trip to the Disneyland Resort. Check it out here!

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