Possible Parade of Dreams “Hiatus”

According to Screamscape:

Park News – (7/22/08) According to Screamscape sources the Disneyland Parade of Dreams will go on hiatus sometime this fall to allow for the Main Street USA area to be resurfaced. The plan right now is to make up for this by holding Fantasmic offered nightly, with one performance on Mondays – Thursdays along with two shows on Friday – Sundays.

Now, this is just pure speculation, but if this does happen around September or October, they will need a good deal of time to do the resurfacing of Main Street, so when it’s done, it will probably be time for a Christmas Fantasy Parade. So this “hiatus” could be the end for Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams, as it’s due to head off to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom next year.

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