Attraction Refurb Update

We have a few updates to the attractions refurbishment list for you today. First up, the Haunted Mansion refurbishment has been pushed forward to start on September 2nd, as opposed to the 8th. It will still end as originally planned on September 25th.

The removal of McDonalds from Burger Invasion, Harbor Galley, & the Conostoga Wagon was originally supposed to last from September 2nd, to September 26th, but they have seem to of been extended all the way through the end of November. However we have no concrete date for when they will re-open.

The Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries will end on September 1st, which means no more performances of both the Secret of the Stone Tiger & Random Acts of Indy. There is currently no word when or if Aladdin’s Oasis will return.

Finally, it seems that the planned refurbishments of the New Orleans Square Railroad Station & Flik’s Flyers have been completely removed off of the list. So no word on if the repaving of the pavement around the NOS station will happen.

Stay tuned to Disneyland News Today for updates on all attraction refurbishments. And for up-to-the-minute information on the various refurbishments, be sure to check our Attraction Refurbishments page!

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