Disney US Postage Stamps Event, and More

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There was an event held today in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle for the 2008 series of Disney US postage stamps. Just my luck that I missed the event by a day, but David “Darkbeer” Michael did however attend, so here are a few of his pictures:

So this is what the tent I saw in the Esplanade yesterday is for

This year’s stamps are of Steamboat Willie, 101 Dalmatians, the Jungle Book, & Sleeping Beauty… Marty Sklar was in attendance for the event (like he his for most events that the Disney company hold)

And now a few non-event related pictures from outside the parks:

It might just be me, or is this a new stand in Downtown Disney

Some construction going on in the Disneyland Hotel

Be sure to check out Darkbeer’s SmugMug page for plenty more pictures from around the Disneyland Resort today!