Disneyland Raises Ticket Prices

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According the OC Register, Disneyland will be raising it’s ticket prices once again, from $66 to $69 for adults & $56 to $59 for children.

“We offer great values for guess who enter our world class resort and enjoy up to 16 hours a day of fun including attractions, parade and other entertaining spectaculars,” said Disneyland Resort Spokeswoman Lisa Haines. “We periodically analyze our pricing to make sure it reflects the entertainment value and quality that we deliver to our guests.”

Here is the current pricing for all tickets available at the Disneyland Resort:

Single-day, one park:
Adults: $69 (was $66)
Children: $59 (was $56)

One-day park hopper:
Adults: $93 (was $91)
Children: $84 (was $81)

Two-day park hopper:
Adults: $143 (was $132)
Children: $123 (was $112)

Three-day park hopper:
Adults: $199 (was $189)
Children: $169 (was $159)

Four-day park hopper:
Adults: $224 (was $214)
Children: $194 (was $184)

Five-day park hopper:
Adults: $244 (was $234)
Children: $214 (was $204)

Southern California Select:
$134 (was $129)

Southern California:
$174 (was $169)

$269 (was $259)

$389 (was $379)

The OC Register has also put up a very interesting graph showing how ticket prices have increased since 1955. Be sure to check it out!