DLR Entertainment Rumors

Here are a few juicy rumors on some possible entertainment changes & upgrades that could be happening starting at the end of the year through-out both parks:

  • First up, the Pixar Play Parade may be receiving a holiday overlay of sorts, that would give the parade some Christmas music, holiday decorations on all of the floats, & possible a different name.
  • We reported last week that the planned new Show Stop music for Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams had been canceled, along with new elements to the beginning of the parade. Well, it actually, it seems that only the new elements to the beginning of the parade have been canceled, as the parade should be getting new Show Stop music when the parade returns in Spring 2009.
  • A Christmas Fantasy will be getting a completely new Toy Factory float when the parade returns this Christmas. Apparently the float has already arrived backstage at the Resort.
  • In addition to the new Tinker Bell float, & the return of the Seven Dwarfs Mine & Pinocchio floats, Disney’s Electrical Parade may also see the return of the classic It’s a Small World float, that could replace the To Honor America section of the parade, although that is less likely than the other planned changes. Also, the parade may receive the soundtrack from Tokyo Disneyland’s Electrical Parade: Dreamlights, which features similar electronic sounds, mixed in with orchestral music.
  • Finally, Drawn to the Magic, the stage show in the little outside theater by Muppet Vision 3D, may be leaving DCA very soon. There’s no planned date, but the performers have been told that the show will be going away soon, with no planned replacement.

Don’t forget that everything we reported in this post are rumors, & plans could easily be modified, or completely scrapped at any time. Stay tuned to Disneyland News Today for the latest on all rumors.