The End of the Pin Odyssey

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Today is the last day for this year’s Summer Pin Festival, Mickey’s Pin Odyssey. This was a great event in my opinion, & I really hope next year’s one is just as good. Speaking of next years, Diz Pins have put up a little hint of what next year’s event could be:

As we previously noted, the Decoder from Mickey’s Pin Odyssey Lanyard could be used to read not only the corners of the Pirate’s Lair map, BUT, there were 8 Surprise Pins in the Pin Odyssey Collection. When all 8 cards are put together, they formed a picture that revealed a huge hint as to next year’s Disneyland Summer Pin Festival!!

And if you couldn’t tell, it reveals an image of the Haunted Mansion!

So I hope everyone got themselves lots of pins from the festival, & here’s to the season where I don’t have to spend as much money on pins!