Celebrate Pixies!

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The great guys over at Orlando Attractions Magazine have scooped up some more concept art for “What Will You Celebrate?”, as well as new pictures of what the in-park Disney Fairies characters will look like at both Disneyland & Walt Disney World, that was shown off this morning at a “Business Behind the Magic” presentation by Disney:

This basically shows off the some general decorations that both Disneyland & Walt Disney World will get. I really like the way that the Habor Blvd. guest entrance will be re-done.

Some concept for the new “Celebrate Today!” show, as well as some weird bikes of some sort.

Here you can see the final costume designs for the Disney Fairies characters.

Orlando Attractions Magazine also has a video where Francois Leroux, vice president of Walt Disney World Entertainment, describes the new Pixie Hollow meet ‘n greets for Disneyland & Walt Disney World. For more information on all things shown off in this post, check out this blog post on OAM.