DisneyGeek DLR Update

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Our good friends over at DisneyGeek have put up another Disneyland Resort Update. Let’s take a look at some of the latest happenings through-out the Resort:

Construction on the new bakery facility for the Disneyland Resort restaurants, near the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure.

Now this list of unavailable attractions seems more right than what I saw on Tuesday. Notice how the Hyperion Theater isn’t listed.

These walls are most likely up to install the giant Mickey pumpkin for Halloween.

Fastpass is currently unavailable for Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.

The longest line seen at the park for the Princess meet ‘n greet at the Princess Fantasy Faire. This was true for both DisneyGeek’s day at the park, as well as mine last Tuesday.

Sign at the Toontown Train Depot notifying guests that the New Orleans Square Train Station is closed.

When you pass the New Orleans Square Train Station, a wooden wall is right up against you.

Even though the new Wishing Star Crystals store has opened, the Three Fairies Magic Crystals store sign is still up.

All references to McDonalds have apparently been removed from Harbour Galley.

They’re fixing up one of the French Market signs.

The Disneyland Dream Suite was blocked off for some reason.

This photo store was closed for some reason.

The Year of a Million Dreams cups are no longer being used. Now it looks like they’re using plain, boring Coca Cola cups.

Finally, a cool display of different Mr. Potato Head figures in Midway Mercantile.