DLR Photo Report – 9/2/08

I had a lovely day at the Disneyland Resort yesterday, & there is tons of stuff going on around the Resort. Let’s delve into this enormous photo report:

All of the attractions closed. The Mark Twain wasn’t closed by the way!

The lovely new DCA map cover.

Not a lot of entertainment going on at DCA during the off season.

Not really a lot at Disneyland either.

Halloween Time returns September 26th!

The McDonalds logo is still in the Burger Invasion poster near California Screamin’s entrance.

Mr. Potato Head was broken down when I went to ride Toy Story Midway Mania.

SS Rustworthy is still the same as it has always been.

The big McDonalds logo has been removed from the Burger Invasion facade.

A look at the old menu.

The McDonalds logo is still on the main part of SS Rustworthy.

The Vineyard Room has already been removed from all Golden Vine Winery signs.

I hate deserted buildings.

This sign is in front of the upcoming DCA Preview Center.

Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party advertised at the exit turnstiles of DCA…

… And also the exit turnstiles of Disneyland.

The lovely new Disneyland Park map cover.

Halloween merchandise on sale in the Emporium.

I love that 15th anniversary of Nightmare Before Christmas shirt!

The whole Star Tours outside queue is under construction walls, to be repaved.

What a lovely term!

The walls spread all the way from the entrance of Star Tours to the main entrance of the Star Trader.

What an amazing wait time for Space Mountain, especially as this was around 2pm!

I have never seen Space Mountain’s wait this short, this late in the day!

While waiting in line for the Matterhorn, I saw Monorail Purple being towed off the track. It returned to the tracks later in the day.

New color scheme on the It’s a Small World attraction sign.

A peek through a whole in the construction wall.

A peek inside the It’s a Small World Toy Shop.

I went to the Princess Fantasy Faire to see if Ariel in her human form was there. While in line for the Princesses, I heard her being announced as part of the Royal Coronation Ceremony. Oh well, better luck next time!

One track of the Matterhorn was not being used all day.

Now a look at construction on Ariel’s Grotto/Pixie Hollow.

The Ariel’s Grotto sign is still in place.

A peek through a whole in the construction wall.

I spy with my little eye- Disney Executives!

You should be able to see a fountain still running just above the construction wall.

Yep, definitely Disney executives!

You cant see it all that well in this picture, but there is some sort of image planted in the ground.

It’s construction wall chaos in New Orleans Square right now!

To get to Critter Country, you have to use the lower walkway right along the Rivers of America.

The whole area from the French Market, past the New Orleans Square Railroad Station, & through to the Haunted Mansion is completely walled off to guest access!

There’s that beautification term once again.

After one day, the French Market is already covered in scaffolding.

I don’t think anything has yet changed over at Harbor Galley.

The Secret of the Stone Tiger show sign has already been removed.

I’m not completely sure, but I think someone was taken ill here right outside Aladdin’s Oasis.

Now let’s take a mini tour of Golden Dreams, which closes permanently to the public this upcoming Sunday.

A look at construction on the Grand Californian DVC expansion.

DCA closed at 6pm yesterday. That’s crazy early if you ask me.

The stores at the Disneyland Resort have special offers on the 2 newest Disney DVD releases, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning…

… And the amazing new Nightmare Before Christmas special edition DVD.

Halloween decor inside Marceline’s Confectionery at Downtown Disney.

A look at the Halloween decorations in the Toontown room of the World of Disney store.

The horrible looking Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie being advertised on the exterior of the World of Disney.

It seriously can’t take this long to fix a billboard!

That’s going to wrap it up for this gigantic photo report. Be sure to check back later today as I’ll be uploading bigger versions of these pictures, plus many more to our lovely Image Galleries.

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