DLR Photo Report – 9/27/08

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It’s once again time for a Disneyland Resort Photo Report, which is in fact our biggest ever, with nearly 200 photos! So let’s not dilly-dally, & get straight to it:

The banners at the Mickey & Friends Parking Stucture have been changed for Halloween Time.

New billboards at the Tram Station for Halloween Time. I wish they’d fix the third one already!

Some Halloween displays along the tram route.

Halloween Time banners through-out Downtown Disney.

The 50th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty being advertised in one of the World of Disney’s windows.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this thing 100% accurate.

You’d think they’d advertise something related to Halloween.

The California letters have been given their Hallowen touch-up.

These are on the DCA turnstiles.

Halloween Time on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The times guide with all of the Hallowen Time entertainment.

The new DCA map cover.

Hmmm… Not everything here is for Halloween Time.

This is the first time that Disney has officially used the Blue Sky Cellar name for the new DCA Preview Center, that opens on October 20th. Pretty cool logo too.

Candy Corn Acres on the DCA map.

The Burger Invasion billboard near California Screamin’ has been removed.

I’m pretty sure this is a new menu.

Bye Bye Whoopi… Hello Ariel!

Where the banners used to hang from. I pressume the clip things will be removed (I hope!).

Oh boy… This sure isn’t a refurbishment!

All of the queue/waiting area for Golden Dreams is still in tact.

These lighting towers were set up through-out the park. Not sure why.

Burger Invasion is now completely walled off & behind tarps.

The restrooms are still open.

These tables are most likely the only McDonalds references left in the Resort.

Next door at the SS Rustworthy, the various McDonalds flags have been removed.

Bellow SS Trustworthy, there used to be a sign saying “Presented by McDonalds” (or was it sponsored?).

The Sun Wheel now remains open through October 12th.

Cast Members started to remove the extended queue for Toy Story Midway Mania at about 10:30am yesterday.

Another one of those lighting towers over by the entrance to A Bug’s Land.

Now let’s take a tour of Candy Corn Acres.

New displays on Toy Story & the Toy Story Zoetrope inside Character Closeup in the Disney Animation building.

Cinderella, Mickey, & Woody came into Disney Animation to do meet ‘n greets after Drawn to the Magic.

Banners for Halloween Time in Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

Muppet Vision 3D re-opened Thursday after a brief refurbishment. The film itself looks crystal clear now.

The clever Muppet movie posters in the Award Weiners seating area have been replaced with posters for upcoming Disney films.

Considering these posters were only put up about a week ago, this one is a little dated.

The Wall-E display over by the Hyperion Theater.

The Queen of Hearts & the Bowler Hat Guy doing meet ‘n greets… Two characters you don’t usually see out. Guess we should thank Hallowen Time for this opportunity.

The Hyperion Theater is closed through December 11th I believe.

Moving over to Disneyland… The Fab 5 as pumpkins now loom over the turnstiles.

The Main Street Train Station is decked out for Halloween, however the floral Mickey remains in its Year of a Million Dreams form.

Beast is another character you don’t usually see out & about (except for in Parade of Dreams of course).

The new Disneyland Park map cover.

Now let’s take a look at some of the Halloween decorations on Main Street… The back of the Train Station.

The Main Street Opera House.

The giant pumpkin Mickey.

Construction on the Plaza Pavilion.

The front of South Seas Traders was walled off breifly last week, but is now open to guest flow.

The Sailing Ship Columbia is closed.

Haunted Mansion Holiday Fastpass distribution area.

Fastpass is only used during Haunted Mansion Holiday.

The New Orleans Square Train Station is closed & walled off through October 15th.

The new pavement around Haunted Mansion Holiday.

The French Market has re-opened after its refurbishment, with Halloween decorations up, that are very similar to the ones found next door at Haunted Mansion Holiday.

I believe this area was repaved also.

You have to go through the French Market to get out of this area.

I didn’t look, but I believe this is the Mint Julep Bar.

Now let’s take a look at this year’s Haunted Mansion Holiday.

This year’s Gingerbread House in the Ballroom scene is a coffin, with a gingerbread man rising out of it every few seconds.

No more McDonalds references at Habour Galley.

The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise cart near the exit of Haunted Mansion Holiday.

A very small construction wall over at the River Bell Terrace.

Work being done to the top of the Frontierland Shooting Exposition.

An exhibit of sorts near Rancho Del Zocalo. I have absolutely no idea what it is for.

The Conostoga Wagon has now been completely removed.

Now let’s take a walk around Woody’s Halloween Roundup at Big Thunder Ranch.

A peek back at the Festival Arena.

Here you can decorate your Halloween cookie for a hefty price of $6.

I do not like that they have this goat out in the open, with no gate seperating people who don’t want to go near it, like myself.

The small scale Woody’s Roundup Adventure! show is basically an episode of the fictional TV show, Woody’s Roundup.

In the Hub, there are 7 pumpkins that have carvings of a character representing one of Disneyland’s many lands. For Adventureland you have Tarzan.

For New Orleans Square you have Jack Skellington.

For Frontierland you have Woody.

Winnie the Pooh represents Critter Country.

Tinker Bell represents Fantasyland.

For Mickey’s Toontown you have Roger Rabbit.

And for Tomorrowland you have Buzz Lightyear.

The Buzz Lightyear side of the main path in Tomorrowland is now being repaved. That means Fastpass is not being used for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

There’s a small construction wall in front of the Star Trader main entrance. The store remains open however.

The third seagull has finally returned to the Submarine Lagoon after over a half year of absense.

The tarps have been removed from the It’s a Small World facade.

A peek inside the It’s a Small World Toy Shop.

There was water in the flume, but no boats.

I once again went to the Princess Fantasy Faire to see if Ariel in her human form was there. First I got Belle.

Then I got Jasmine for the first time.

And then I got Ariel in her human form finally! I much prefer the mermaid form.

The Toontown Train Station was closed for some reason when I left the Princess Fantasy Faire at about 4:30/4:45.

The Ariel’s Grotto sign is still in place.

A circular structure has risen where Ariel’s turntable used to be. I’m guessing this will turn into the teapot that will be used for Pixie Hollow.

Can’t tell much of a difference just yet.

The Star Tours exetended queue is being used for Stroller parking for Star Tours, & maybe even Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters too.

New Halloween Time napkins.

This entrance to the Starcade was walled off for some reason. However I did notice some men doing some work on the roof of the building for some reason or another.

After 9 months of waiting, I finally got the chance to ride the beautiful Monorail Red!

The interior of Monorail Red is absolutely beautiful. The lighting is just amazing! However it did get very warm in there, considering I rode it at about 6:45.

The lighting really comes out well at night.

I managed to pick up the Sleeping Beauty 50th anniversary pins that were released last Saturday. I was amazed that they still had some!

To cap off this photo report, these Tinker Bell pins are the first to have “First Release” stamped on the backer card.

That’s going to do it for this ernomous photo report. Hopefully you could load it with-out too much trouble! Stay tuned later tonight, tomorrow, & Tuesday for these images plus many more to uploaded to our Image Gallery, as well as 2 vidcasts!