Interesting Boats with Interesting Views

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Here are a couple of interesting updates from our friends over at Screamscape:

I’ve been informed that the previously listed Pirates month long rehab of Pirates one scheduled for Mid October has been delayed until sometime in early 2009. On a fun note however, the next time you in pirates see if you can spot a couple of boats that look a little different from the rest. Apparently they are currently running two new prototype boats in advance of the early 2009 rehab, trying to work out the bugs and and see what kind of effect these new boats have on the attraction.

Apparently you may be able to see the new Monorail Orange occasional on the track just outside the barn from the freeway. From one eyewitness report it looked like the windows were still covered up with plastic-wrap.

However don’t expect Monorail Orange to be up & running (even testing) for quite a while.