Yet Another “What Will You Celebrate?” Website

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While there are still 3 months remaining in the long running Year of a Million Dreams at the Disney Parks, the marketing campaign for “What Will You Celebrate?” is already in full swing. If you head over to, you can plainly see that the mouse-ear balloons have already taken over the place. More interestingly, there is now a Disneyland Resort specific page for the 2009 celebration that focuses only on what guests of the Anaheim Vacation Kingdom will be able to see or do when they are invited to “Celebrate Everyday!” beginning January 1st, 2009. The website features an overview of what you can get if you visit the Disneyland Resort for your birthday, anniversary, a reunion, etc. There’s also links to a page for the new entertainment in the parks, as well as the “kick-off” for the promotion, Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 event. You can see the new website & all of its features by clicking here.

This banner on the front page of the website is a horrible photo-shopped picture of the Magic Kingdom’s new Liberty Square bridge, with Sleeping Beauty Castle in its old color scheme.