Boats, Cars, & Segways

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Here are a few of the latest Disneyland Park rumors from our friends over at Screamscape:

10/3/08 – The latest rumor on the proposed new Matterhorn cars claims that any plans to retire the current trains in favor of a new fleet will have to wait until 2011 at this point, as it was not approved for the next year’s budget.

9/29/08 – According to a reader this past Saturday was the last day for the Segway experience in Innoventions at Disneyland. Apparently this was never a sponsor driven display and just something the park put in as filler while building the Asimo and Dream Home projects.

10/3/08 – A few weeks ago I mentioned that Pirates had been apparently testing out a few new prototype boats under consideration for next year’s rehab. According to the latest rumor this latest boat design sounds like a disaster and may have already been canned. Apparently the prototypes may have been an off-shoot of the new It’s A Small World boat design (see pictures below), as they were said to look quite similar. The biggest flaw up front was the fact that these boats seemed to have molded “bucket seats” instead of plain bench seats, along with individual hand-grips in all the rows except the front row. The seats were said to be much too small and only allowed for four-across seating. From the sound of things, these boats may have been sent back to the drawing board for a complete redesign.

10/6/08 – I’ve got a quick update on the new prototype Pirate boats. It seems that the comments about the poorly designed prototype boat at pirates was in reference to another test boat dropped into the water very briefly in early 2008. The new prototype boat(s) that was tested more recently will not have the bucket seats or hand grips that were talked about in the last rumor, but will have contoured seat backs just like the new small world boats. They will leave the bench-seating design intact and will actually allow for one extra passenger per boat. The current boats seat only three in rows 1 and 6, and four-across in 2-5. The new boats have a wider Row 1 that will allow for four-across seating as well.