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As we reported a few weeks ago, the original plans for the American Idol Experience attraction coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2009 have been drastically changed. The ideas for the elaborate facade that were revealed in concept art earlier this year have now been scrapped, and the official attraction website now features the revised final plans for the exterior of the building. You can view the updated artwork by going HERE to the official website.

While many will argue that the problematic economy is the reason for the changes, it’s actually some much more sensible reasoning. First off, the interior of the attraction has been just about complete for a month now and there was no way they could make the originally planned exterior changes to the theater in time for a first-half 2009 attraction opening. Secondly, going through with the changes would have forced them to find an alternative route for the new Block Party Bash parade that began showing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios earlier this year. Even though the plans are now a lot less elaborate, I think we can all find a smile at the official name that the former ABC Theater will be receiving. When this attraction opens in early 2009, the home for Hollywood Studios latest production will be the “Superstar Television Theater”, a homage to the original attraction that opened in this space, “Superstar Television”.

Original Exterior Artwork Revealed Earlier This Year

At the end of the day, the fact remains that this attraction needs to open when the new season of American Idol begins on Fox and going through with the original plans would have never allowed that to happen. While many will criticize what is for what could have been, this attraction is guaranteed to keep guests coming to the Studios as it approaches it’s 20th anniversary next May. Be sure to stay tuned to WDW News Today as more information on the upcoming American Idol Experience attraction becomes available.

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