Old Enemies and New Friends

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Brady MacDonald over at the LA Times Travel Blog has posted exclusive sneak peeks at High School Musical 3: Right Here! Right Now! & Pixie Hollow, which are both scheduled to debut tomorrow:

The new “High School Musical 3” parade debuting at Disney’s California Adventure on Friday features six new songs from the movie, including a pair of step-by-step reproductions of elaborate dance numbers.

A cast of 60 performers has been preparing three weeks for the new show — officially called “High School Musical 3: Senior Year: Right Here, Right Now” — enduring six-day-a-week, eight-hour-a-day rehearsals that start at 4 a.m. before the Anaheim theme park opens to the public, show director Randy Wojcik said.

Disney doesn’t call the show a “parade,” even though it travels along the Anaheim theme park’s parade route. A self-described “Wildcat geek,” Wojcik dubs the latest incarnation a “traveling rock concert” and a “street party.”

Just like the similarly themed “High School Musical 2″ show it replaces, the new “HSM3″ production will make stops at the Sun Plaza near the main entrance and the Golden State Stage near the former Golden Dreams attraction. A 14-person cast will perform three shows daily from the late morning to early afternoon.

The live show replicates two iconic production numbers from the upcoming movie — “A Night to Remember” and the “High School Musical” theme song.

Audience members are encouraged to participate during two songs — busting out their own signature dance moves during “A Night to Remember” and donning top hats, canes and feather boas during “I Want It All.”

The songs performed in the California Adventure “HSM3″ show include:

  • “Now or Never” (opening drum cadence)
  • “I Want It All” (Broadway show tune)
  • “A Night to Remember” (upbeat prom dance number)
  • “The Boys Are Back” (urban R&B)
  • “Just Wanna Be With You” (pop anthem)
  • “High School Musical” (finale theme song)

Personally, I can’t get “I Want It All” out of my head. My 8-year-old daughter, Hannah, has been listening to the song nonstop since she got the CD earlier this week.

“High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” starring Zac Effron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale opens in theaters on Friday.

How do you sit down for a photo with Tinker Bell without actually sitting on the palm-size pixie? We’ll soon find out when Peter Pan’s fairy friend gets her own meet-and-greet area at Disneyland.

Pixie Hollow, which takes the place of Ariel’s Grotto near the Matterhorn Bobsleds, is expected to soft open on Friday, Oct. 24, 2008 in advance of an official opening next week.

Visitors walking past an “enchanted” pond will feel as though they are shrinking to the size of a fairy through a series of visual and audio cues. Bronze statues of the five Disney fairies — Iradessa, Rosetta, Fawn, Silvermist and, of course, Tinker Bell — line the pathway. Along the way, whispers and echoes emanate from the fantasy fairy world. Tinker Bell, played by a 5-foot-tall face character, poses for photos in front of her home, an upside-down tea pot.

Most folks won’t think twice about posing for a picture next to a pixie that can fit through a keyhole. After all, Disneyland is a place where dogs walk on their hind legs, pants-less ducks swear like sailors and squeaky-voiced mice run the place.

Life-size Tinks already appear in Disneyland’s Parade of Dreams and high above Sleeping Beauty Castle in the nighttime fireworks show.

The evicted Little Mermaid will be shedding her tailfin and donning a dress over in the Princess Fantasy Faire at the Fantasyland Theater.