Press Release Mania

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Here are 3 press releases that have recently been released by Disney. The first is on the opening of Pixie Hollow:

To celebrate the animated film “Tinker Bell,” Disney’s most famous fairy and four of her best friends are featured in an all-new meet-and-greet experience at Disneyland Park.

To meet Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, guests enter a magical forest called “Pixie Hollow,” a special place deep in the heart of Never Land.

Tinker Bell, made famous in the 1953 Disney animated classic “Peter Pan,” for her “hostess” role in Disney television specials and for “flying” above the Disney theme parks, is joined inside Pixie Hollow by four fairy friends: Fawn, an animal fairy; Iridessa, a light fairy; Rosetta, a garden fairy; and Silvermist, a water fairy.

In addition to meeting the Fairies guests can learn more about the Disney Fairies at

PIXIE HOLLOW — The magical realm of Pixie Hollow has been revealed at Disneyland. Guests will get the strange feeling that they are shrinking to fairy size as they make their way to Tinker Bell’s home where they they will meet Tink and her pixie pals.

TINKER BELL IN PIXIE HOLLOW — Disneyland guests can now meet one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time at the all-new “Pixie Hollow.”

FAWN IN PIXIE HOLLOW — Fawn, the animal fairy, is just one of Tinker Bell’s pixie pals Disneyland guests will encounter at the all-new “Pixie Hollow.”

SILVERMIST IN PIXIE HOLLOW — Silvermist, the water fairy, is just one of Tinker Bell’s pixie pals Disneyland guests will encounter at the all-new “Pixie Hollow.”

IRIDESSA IN PIXIE HOLLOW — Iridessa, the light fairy, is just one of Tinker Bell’s pixie pals Disneyland guests will encounter at the all-new “Pixie Hollow.”

ROSETTA IN PIXIE HOLLOW — Rosetta, the garden fairy, is just one of Tinker Bell’s pixie pals Disneyland guests will encounter at the all-new “Pixie Hollow.”

The second is on the new High School Musical 3: Right Here! Right Now! show at Disney’s California Adventure:

Fans of the “High School Musical” can join the fun as “High School Musical 3: Right Here! Right Now!” is rockin’ at Disney’s California Adventure.

The new, interactive street show invites Guests to dance, sing along and celebrate the music of the new theatrical motion picture “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.”

Featuring a cast of 14 dynamic singers and dancers, the Disney show takes place on a traveling stage that creates a live-concert experience, complete with stacks of speakers and rows of lights. Entertainment featuring six new songs from the movie will draw guests into the streets of Disney’s California Adventure for an exciting, high-energy dance party.

Three shows will be perfomred daily at Sun Plaza, near the main entrance, and the Golden State Stage.

Teens and tweens who are big fans of the “High School Musical” score will sing along with two of the movie’s hottest numbers, “A Night to Remember” and the theme song, “High School Musical.”

And the final press release is on the new personalized merchandise that is available, & will be available as part of the upcoming What Will You Celebrate? campaign:

It’s Time To Celebrate “You!”
Celebrate “you” every day. Stand out in the crowd with our personalized t-shirts commemorating special celebrations in your life (i.e Happy Birthday, Just Married, Family Reunion), or maybe we can lend you a hand or even better an “ear” with our Create-Your-Own ear hat program. But if its pins that are your “trade” then be sure to find that special character pin and personalize yours today.

Personalized T-shirts
Beginning November 14, 2008, be sure to stop by our newest personalization location on Main Street, U.S.A., Celebration Custom Printers – Specializing in Wearable Memories. Here you can have your name imprinted on specially designed commemorative t-shirts. So, whether you are celebrating your birthday, commemorating your recent nuptials or identifying your family members with our special “Family Reunion” tees, you’re sure to come away with a special memory that will last a lifetime. And for our younger Jedi Knights in Training or Disney Princesses to be, now you can choose to personalize your own t-shirt with our special kids only imprinted tees.

An Ear-Ful of Fun!
You’ll be grinning from “ear” to “ear” with our Create-Your-Own Ear Hat program. It’s just FOUR (4) easy steps: Find An Ear Hat Base, Select Your Desired “Ears”, Accessorize, and last but not least, remember the signature of any ear hat, to have your name embroidered on the back. To learn more or to create-your-own ear hat, visit The Gag Factory located in Mickey’s ToonTown at Disneyland® park.

Personalize Your Pin
Celebrate friends, family or even yourself with a variety of Disney character pins, names and phrases, including Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumpleanos, #1 Mom and more. Base pins will retail between $6.95 to $8.95 (plus tax). The PVC Nameplates will retail at $2.00 each (plus tax). Personalize your own pin is available at select locations at the Disneyland® Resort, including Little Green Men Store Command and Disney’s Pin Traders. Here’s How it Works!

1. Start by choosing a base pin
2. Next select a PVC name or phrase plate
3. Attach the magnetic base plate to the base of the pin
4. Congratulations! Your pin is complete

For more information on personalized pins, please click here.