Radiator Springs Coaster

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It looks like there might be a change in the planned ride system for Radiator Springs Racers, according to Screamscape:

It’s been months since we’ve heard any kind of update about Cars Land, but the latest rumor sent in this week is a doozy. One of the big assumptions about the Radiator Springs Racers ride, based on the concept artwork, is that the ride was assumed to be using a new version of the same ride system Disney first put to use on Test Track in Epcot years ago. That alone was enough to make some people cringe because the Test Track ride system was far from perfect and caused the opening of the ride to be delayed for many months. Even when it did open, the system was flawed and the ride was well known for frequent and prolonged breakdowns. California natives also introduced to a stripped down even more troublesome branch-off of the same general concept that was used to great Disneyland’s biggest attraction failure, Rocket Rods. To be fair Disney Imagineers did use the Test Track ride system again, and fixed the problem, to create the Journey To The Center of the Earth attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. However if the latest rumors for the Radiator Springs Racers are true, we may be seeing an entirely new ride system being created, one based more on the concept of using a tried and true roller coaster track system that Disney will attempt to hide from view. Apparently Disney is said to be working with one of the major coaster design companies on this concept right now. Anyone know more?