Adam Roth’s 11/26/08 Downtown Disney Update

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Our Orlando Reporter Adam Roth (of WDWCelebrations and Dreamfinder Forever) has provided us with a great update of what’s going on at the Downtown Disney District as of late. Here’s what’s new and notable:


Contrary to popular belief, this place still exists


To bring some life to the area, merchandise carts have been strategically placed throughout Pleasure Island


A shuttered Comedy Warehouse

A shuttered BET Soundstage Club

“We may not have a club, but we have the next best thing….PIZZA!!!”

Adventurer’s Club awaiting someone to rent it out

I don’t think so…

Construction of the “El Dolbe” Restaurant continues

A shuttered 8-Trax

Where you could buy tickets, if something was operating

A shuttered Mannequins

A look inside reveals…stairs :(

They’re trying their best to keep this place alive without clubs

To keep the Island from becoming a ghost town, PI Live has returned

They actually have a DJ in there playing music and videos for the entire Island, a good show by Disney in this tough situation

No more Motion

Not much going on inside

The moon keeps smiling down on the darkened landscape

Some of the original “story” plaques for Pleasure Island


Over to the Marketplace, all decked out for the season

Performers in front of the Marketplace Tree

Some minor work going on outside Fulton’s Crab House

It’s Stone Crab Season!!!

That skeleton of a large extinct creature can only mean one thing….

A new family dining experience!

Dr. Jones I presume

Thanks Adam for a T-rrific (really corny joke) photo report!!!

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