Scavenger Hunt Rewards With Blue Sky Prize

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DMC_Man on the WDWNT Community Forums sent us some pictures & a description of the new Muppet scavenger hunt going on at Disney’s California Adventure. Here is his description:

On the website you help Kermit find all the missing Muppets who are scattered around California in 1937 because they were trying out Dr. Honeydew’s time machine. Eventually they get all-together and met up with imagineers to leave clues as to where they are through-out DCA. Then you go and run around DCA, find clues to where they are, text the answers through your phone to Dr. Honeydew and then you’re told to go to the Blue Sky Cellar and say, “I saved History & the Muppets,” show them the text message, and then you get an envelope which essentially says that everyone got back okay, and DCA is going to look very different in 2012. Also in the envelope is concept art with of what DCA will look like after all the new stuff is put in.

Basically it’s a big thing to make you go through DCA and see everything (very obvious from the get-go).

And here are the pictures:

A letter from Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.

Guests get given this map to take home, which is currently featured in the Blue Sky Cellar.