Bob Iger on Disneyland & The Economy

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Here’s a very interesting quote from Bob Iger brought up on the OC Register Around Disney Blog about Disneyland & the state that the economy is currently in:

I was at Disneyland and California Adventure on Sunday, in the middle of this tough economy on a day that started with rain in Southern California and there were 50,000 people at Disneyland and California Adventure combined for the day, which is — I know that doesn’t help because you don’t have much perspective but that’s a pretty strong showing.

And one of the things that was clear is that at California Adventure, where we’ve got good attractions, a new one, Toy Story Mania, for instance, there’s real appeal and real demand. We have an opportunity there because of the size of that property to infuse it with stronger attractions and I believe end up with a park that is substantially more successful than the one that we have today. And as Tom referenced it, because Disneyland itself is so built out, the primary way to really grow that resort is by improving California Adventure and growing that out. And when you consider that what we are putting in there is so attractive, Cars Land will be the anchor, a very, very successful franchise for the company, then we believe not only will we grow the top line but our real focus is to grow the bottom line and to grow our returns on invested capital.