Chuck Canzoneri’s 11/27 Photo Report

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I’d like to welcome back Chuck Canzoneri to Disneyland News Today, now in a new role of site photographer! Let’s get to his first photo report for us from Thanksgiving Day:

Pictures of the pardoned turkey parade.

The pardoned turkey itself, Pumpkin!

Chuck then visited the newly re-opened Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough.

There’s a lot of wonderful small details on all the book pages.

The burning of the spinning wheels.

The walkthrough jumps right to the climax of the film.

This is actually animation of the 3 fairies putting the kingdom to sleep.

A wonderful shot of Maleficent.

A few shots of Maleficent’s transformation.

They did a great job with this scene, especially as it wasn’t in the original 1957 version of the attraction.

Finally here’s a video Chuck put together of the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough:

Thanks a bunch Chuck for these pictures, & we’re looking forward to many more of your photo reports!