Myrna Litt’s 12/11 Photo Report

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It’s once again time for a photo report from our very own Myrna Litt. Let’s get in to this rather large batch of photos:

Various holiday treats available at the Resort.

Wait times haven’t got that bad yet.

The fountain & bubbling effects at Pixie Hollow weren’t working, revealing the tubing beneath.

Now for a few pictures of the all new Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough. I don’t remember seeing pictures of that sign before.

The burning of the spinning wheels.

“Til then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on…”

Maleficent’s dungeon.

The End.

Now let’s take a tour of Santa’s Reindeer Round-up.

Farley the Fiddler.

Real reindeer!

Lunch time!

Food for Rudolph’s friends.

It’s Mrs. Clause!

Home of the Happiest Turkeys on Earth.

Minnie Mouse in her holiday attire.

Minnie Mouse’s Christmas tree.

The Toontown Christmas tree.

This “Camera Shop” is apparently new.

Garland at the Main Street Train Station.

Over at the Sun Wheel they have started to paint the star outline from its original gold to a bright yellow.

The outline of the wheel itself is being painted red.

The Paradise Pier lagoon is now 100% drained.

And now for a few contractually obligated High School Musical 3: Right Here! Right Now! pictures.

The Grizzly River Run water-wheel probably wasn’t working as usual.

The Miner 49’ers.

Cruella de Vil.

A whole lot of balloons shaped like Christmas trees.

Beautiful Christmas lights over in Frontierland.

New Orleans Square from Tom Sawyer Island at night.

We of course have to end this photo report off with a couple of shots of Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle.

Thanks as always Myrna!