Chuck Canzoneri’s 1/12/09 Photo Report

It’s once again time for a photo report from our very own Chuck Canzoneri:

Celebration themed Floral Mickey. Looks like Tinkerbell is gone after all.

Mickey-shaped balloons spread out from his head.

New Celebration themed apples on sale.

These decorations are from the Main Street store across from the Emporium.

Celebrate a new arrival!

Celebrate a birthday!

Celebrate true love!

I love how much the classic Disney characters are being used as part of the new promotion.

Along with the many cutbacks, quite a few shops on Main Street didn’t open their doors until a couple of hours after the park gates were open.

In fact, most of the right side of Main Street (as you approach the castle) was closed at park opening.

Major wallage all around the parks.

This is from the area right around where the Christmas tree once stood.

Disney is usually excellent at tarping off refurbs from public view, but the Plaza Inn tarps were not up. this could be due to the high winds, making it impossible to keep the tarps up safely.

Without the tarps, we could get a good look at the repainting and other work going towards putting the Plaza Inn back in excellent shape.

This was amazing to see. A giant wall had sectioned off half of the hub.

From some angles, it was pretty eerie. Disneyland has never felt so much “under construction”.

It appears that they are repaving the road as the next photos will show.

I’m not a fan of the Astro Orbitor, but it gave some excellent views of the hub refurb going on.

This shot makes it look like the castle itself is under refurb.

Big changes as Big Thunder gets it’s Barbecue refurb.

Buzz Lightyear was closed when the park opened yesterday.

Even through all this talk of cutting budgets, Main Street hosted some morning face charater meet and greets. Right by the court house was Mary Poppins. And here was Cruella.

Alice was out, giving the kids a dance lesson at Musical Chairs.

Treading lightly so as not to dispel any magic. There’s been a rumor that Alice has been popping up more now that Ariel doesn’t have a meet and greet. However this Alice looks like she may also be spending some time over at Pixie Hollow.

Either way, she’s always happy to celebrate along with you.

It seems every time I go to Disneyland I see a small detail I hadn’t noticed before. On this trip, I discovered a small garden next to the teacups. The flowers spell out “Alice”. Have I just been missing this, or is it new?

Last week, there were walls along the bridge to Paradise Pier and the 3-D World of Color Panel was taken away. But it’s back and it still looks very cool.

The Lightning and Mater meeting spot is back and has tacked on a Radiator Springs sign. The cars no longer run their engines, but their eyes still move around.

If you don’t have a Disney Visa, you’re missing out on the private meet n greets with the Disney Characters. It’s always at least 1 classic character (and I’ve seen up to 3) and you get to spend a little extra time with them.

Pluto wants a churro!

Goofy pitched in over at DCA and was working with the Janitorial staff. Is this an economic cutback?

Looks like it’s time to give Heimlich’s garden a little pruning.

Again, we hear about all these budget cutbacks and cutting characters and they keep the meet and greet that consists of a guy sitting in the drivers seat of a train that doesn’t move (and by the way, how much for THAT job, cause that’s about the easiest 8-hour day ever created).

The best show in Disneyland is at DCA, and it’s name is Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular. I try to never miss seeing it at least once each visit. And this guy, Lance Roberts, is the show’s very best Jafar.

At this show, Aladdin, Jasmine and Jafar were all old pros. Genie, Carpet and the Sultan were new.

Dream fulfilled. I got to meet the cast (all too briefly) and tell them all how wonderful they are.

Thanks Chuck. Glad you got your dream fulfilled (even though the Year of a Million Dreams is over)!

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