DLR Photo Report – New Years Day 2009

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And here is our last photo report for the day, mine from yesterday, New Years Day:

New banners for What Will You Celebrate? along the Mickey & Friends Tram Route.

There are still traces left of the Year of a Million Dreams through-out the Resort.

They’ve finally put up the Believe in Holiday Magic poster under the train tracks.

New Celebrate Everyday! merchandise on sale through-out the Resort.

Contrary to some reports I’ve heard on “reputable” websites, New Years Day was in fact very crowded! No where near the levels of New Years Eve, but still crowded indeed.

The line for Haunted Mansion Holiday spread all the way towards the New Orleans Square Railroad Station.

One of my favorite pieces of scenery along the Rivers of America, an “abandoned” Mine Train that used to run through Nature’s Wonderland.

The line was also chaos outside Pirates of the Caribbean, causing a massive traffic jam in that area of the park.

I just want to share a few of my better shots that I got on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bill, the drunk pirate has been missing for my past 2 trips.

You know, a lot of online Disney fans were complaining about the Courtyard of Angels being turned into a store, well guess what? It ain’t one anymore (at least it wasn’t yesterday)!

The last we’ll see of Haunted Mansion Holiday until either late 2009, or late 2010.

The Bolt Pre-parade now runs in front of both performances of A Christmas Fantasy instead of the Narnia Pre-parade, due to Disney pulling out of the third Narnia film.

The new Disneyland Resort shopping bags that debuted yesterday.

The new Vinylmation figures.

They’ve completely sold out of the 3″ figures. According to the Cast Member, they won’t have any more in until the end of January!

And now a few shots of A Christmas Fantasy. Most likely the last we’ll see of a “real” parade until it returns in November 2009.

Notice some “parked” floats off to the left?

It’s amazing how close Space Mountain actually is to Main Street.

The Main Street Christmas Tree.

Equipment left over from New Years Eve.

Now for a look around Santa’s Reindeer Round-up.

Real Reindeer!

Not-so real Reindeer.

Celebrate Today! banners in the Esplanade.

Upon entering DCA I was greeted with this lovely message. This included APs as well.

The area around the DCA Christmas Tree looks really great at night.

Let’s take a look at some of the holiday decorations in Flik’s Fun Fair.

The new lenticular panel advertising World of Color.

The new billboard that replaced the Burger Invasion one.

The weird thing is that it only remotely looks like Paradise Pier.

Toy Story Midway Mania had a long, slow moving line last night. But it still looks beautiful!

Now for some shots of Disney’s Electrical Parade, probably the last time we’ll see it in it’s current form.

Year of a Million Dreams banners are still up all through-out DCA.

I rushed back over to Disneyland to see Believe in Holiday Magic. Unfortunately, the fog was so thick, that you couldn’t see a good majority of the fireworks, much like with New Years Eve.

And we’ll end off this photo report with a couple of pin shots. These are the new Celebrate Everyday! pins.

These pins were never announced to come out, so I grabbed them as soon as I saw them. This could possibly be DCA’s new logo.

That’ll do it for this photo report. As always, stay tuned to our Image Galleries for bigger versions of these photos, & many more! And don’t forget to check out Chuck’s & Myrna’s New Years Eve photo reports!