Myrna Litt’s 1/6/09 Photo Report

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It’s once again time for a photo report from our very own Myrna Litt. Let’s take a look around the Disneyland Resort as the Christmas decorations start to come down:

The Year of a Million Dreams themed Mickey floral is being removed for a new What Will You Celebrate? themed floral.

Here you can see what looks to be a party hat.

Mickey & the rest of the Fab 5 are finally back out on Main Street in their original costumes.

Aladdin & Jasmine in their winter costumes.

The Main Street Christmas Tree has been removed.

Some work going on the side of the Emporium opposite the Fire House.

Disney Clothiers is currently closed.

The new gift-with-purchase handbag that you can buy for $15 with a $50 purchase.

It’s 11am, & Main Street USA is pretty much deserted. Welcome to the off season!

Work going on the top of the Plaza Inn.

Pretty much all of the holiday decorations have been removed from Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The wait time board around 2pm.

Both The Haunted Mansion & It’s a Small World are closed for removal of their respective holiday overlays.

New cups & napkins tied into What Will You Celebrate?

The new “green” shopping bags.

Celebrate Today with receipts showing too much money spent on pins!

The rather un-imaginative Disneyland Park map cover for What Will You Celebrate?

The It’s a Small World changes & Celebration Roundup are listed under the Coming Soon! section of the maps.

The DCA map is just as un-imaginative.

There’s usually a lot of things going on under the Disney Characters key, but as you can see, it is blank.

New paint over on this Pacific Wharf building.

Walls have gone up around the Golden State Amphitheater to allow the necessary changes to be made for World of Color viewing, as well as some amazing new theming.

On a side note, the lenticular panel on the Paradise Pier bridge advertising World of Color which we showed in a previous photo report has for some strange reason been removed.

I wonder what that strange structure on Mickey’s Fun Wheel is supposed be for?

A new pin cart has been set up over by Ariel’s Grotto…

… As well as these illustrators. They have been moved over here from the opposite site of Paradise Pier where construction is currently going on.

New 2009 kids shirt.

The new facades are really starting to show up over at the Games of the Boardwalk.

Myrna wonders if all of these wires have always been there?

More of Mickey’s Fun Wheel has been painted to the new color scheme.

Thanks as always Myrna!

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